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Arrested Part 3 in a Sting


  • ronald.anders_2b76b says:

    So does this new neck collar do away with the need for strip searches and jumpsuits? Mug shot in high heel boots? Lame! And we don’t hear the results of the fingerprints. I hope this is not a trend.

  • Arccert1 says:

    Yea once again no realistic the neck collar is bogus. Keeping the boots on no strip search or jail uniform. Please do better than this have them were like fall clothing etc

  • admin says:

    @Arcceret1 and @RonaldB This was a custom and thats what was ordered! Personally I liked the creativity! Check out if you want to order your own shoot with your own storyline!

  • shupe1da_e1883 says:

    Hi there. I enjoyed the banter between Jackie and Ocr. Summer. Jackie cracked me up at the same time as being easy on the eyes. Well done, ladies

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