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Charlotte Gets Arrested Part 1


  • karn_c35ab says:

    ooh, Charlotte in a behind-the-back lockbox/waist chain! Very good! But I’m probably in the minority that doesn’t like the “stacked” position. Palms together is much more comfortable for a long scene (and I hope it’s a long scene!)

  • raven12 says:

    This is a funny video where Charlotte acts dumb and gets all chained up. But put that girl in a jump suit, it looks like she is freezing.

  • karn_c35ab says:

    Nah, she’s much more interesting out of a jump suit. Just turn up the room temperature.

  • NEP2011 says:

    One of the best models and this video is useless because it’s so unrealistic. Every part one should have at minimum a few minutes of them only handcuffed behind the back. All that other shit I understand people want but save it for part two and beyond. Give us some realistic content for at least the beginning of each update

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