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Corrupt Officer Anaid arrests undercover Ava pt1

o Ava has been hired as an undercover officer for internal affairs to replace Lisa who is currently on leave. They received an anonymous tip that officers are taking bribes in exchange for not taking the suspects to jail.
o Ava’s first task is to catch officer Anaid in the act. She finds out where officer Anaid will be patrolling that day and hangs out at a known spot where illegal drugs are sold.

o As usual (included in the anonymous tip) Officer Anaid pulls up in her patrol car to do a random search on Detective Ava who is standing on the side of the road looking suspicious
o Officer Anaid handcuffs Ava and sits her on the curve. Officer Ava sits in the patrol car and calls into her radio that suspect is clean and she is letting her go.
o Officer Anaid puts Ava in the back and drives her to another location (the roof)
Officer Anaid convinces Ava to give her drugs in exchange for her release.


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