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Daisy and Charlotte Arrested Part 3

Charlotte and Daisy are stuck waiting around for their new uniforms. Eventually officer Lo comes over and delivers, starting with Daisy. Once both girls are all cuffed up in their uniforms they get put in the cell. Come see the final part of this series!


  • raven12 says:

    Daisy was right – they were always going to be chained! LOL. I liked seeing the prisoners get their hands stacked.

  • RonaldB says:

    No question they should have gotten those chains with the lock boxes because they are charged with premeditated murder. They should have been told by this point that the motive of financial gain qualifies for the death penalty. Lluvi the cop killer was told of that in her video several months ago. This is another story that could have used another part with a court hearing. If they took a plea deal they could probably get 25 to life with possible parole in 15. On the looks, the orange stripes hit the spot with both of them.

  • mikee1992_cc57f says:

    They should have been topless longer imo.

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