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Finally Purchased our first Police Car! 15min Video Luna Lux Transported to Jail

Yesterday we finally purchased our first Police Car. At one point this vehicle was an Official police car! Luna Lux is our first prisoner and is transported to jail wearing handcuffs

Also includes selfie photos and videos from Scarlett. She actually posted to her facebook and all her friends thought for real she was arrested.


  • Ericcj94 says:

    Awesome video. Think you’ll ever get plastic seats?

  • admin says:

    Thanks @Ericcj94 We are very excited about our new police car. Kind of scary that you cannot get out at all in the back seat! Like a mini jail cell on wheels! We are thinking about getting the molded plastic seats for the cuffs in the future. The current ones are also plastic just not molded seats for the handcuffs

  • Gwendol says:

    Why can’t I download the video? When I click on “Download Video” only Scarlett’s selfie photos and video are downloaded.

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