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Isabella Lynx DUI Part 3

In the last part of this series Isabella is forced to change into her new outfit. She puts on the 2 piece inmate uniform and gets her mugshots taken before being put into her cell. She is then put into a lockbox, waist chain, and shackles. Come see this part 3 now!


  • kyle.corbin90_362ae says:

    Can you guys use the orange canvas slip on shoes in an upcoming clip

  • Kimskowe says:

    Aren’t we way overdue for an update?

  • jjonsie6 says:

    This could’ve been a really good scene. Both actors are certainly attractive, but they both seem almost lifeless, just barely going through the motions. And could you please learn how to do a proper strip search and then teach your actors? I appreciate that Isabella is willing to get completely naked, that’s getting kinda rare on this site, but the strip search is one of the laziest and sloppiest ones I’ve seen, even for PT. And please move the clothes rack. It looks like the changing room in a Halloween costume store.

  • admin says:

    @kyle corbin yes we can use the orange canvas slip on shoes sometime soon

  • admin says:

    Last time i checked halloween costume stores dont carry actual jumpsuits from the Florida state penitentiary lol but thanks for your feedback

  • ronald.anders_2b76b says:

    I agree that isabella and Daisy are both hotties but they just don’t seem into it here. Why was Isabella not locked up in restraints? I thought that was SOP here. Too much time IMHO in the car and in the cell that could have been used for the time with the judge.

  • davidw87890 says:

    I liked it a lot. Again, would have liked to seen more detail in the strip search. Don’t rush it. TAke you time to go over everything. May include that she raises her arms to check and lift her breasts to spice it up some.

  • shupe1da_e1883 says:

    Great job. My only observation is, that Isabella is left unsupervised on the bench without the tether chain being attached.

  • darwin12 says:

    God she is perfect. Would pay absurd amounts of money to see her in more

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