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Kash Money Part 2


  • smilzo83_240cf says:

    I’m sorry, but there are some superficialities in some videos

  • ronaldb8179_21b83 says:

    I enjoyed Kash and Stevie equally as much. If Kash had gone totally nude and, for reality sake, she had not been allowed to keep her rings, this would have been perfect. Stevie is getting just as good as the sassy cop and she is the the sassy inmate. They both have Summer a run at being the most spoiled and sassy Paris Hilton euphemisms who think they can’t get put they deserve: In JAIL! JAIL!! JAIL!!!

  • ronaldb8179_21b83 says:

    Correction” “They both have given Summer a run…”

  • ronaldb8179_21b83 says:

    And another correction: “they can’t get put where they deserve to be.” I need to start making my comments in a Notepad file, then copy and paste them when they are finished.

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