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Lauren Arrested on Warrant Part 1


  • NEP2011 says:

    Very much dislike all of the dramatics. How about a standard arrest where they don’t have to go down to the knees or on their stomach. Just cuffs behind back

  • NEP2011 says:

    Like a realistic scenario. Save all the drama and chains for part 2 and on. Some of us want realistic, not all the chains and drama

  • karn_c35ab says:

    Au contraire, I really like the behind-the-back lockbox and waist chain, either at home or in the jail. Only way it could have been better would be nude, topless or at least in lingerie.

  • NEP2011 says:

    By all means put it in, I get that it’s subjective and people want that, but I’m just saying start out with what I’m asking for and you can still make your way to all of that other stuff. Best of both worlds

    • KiraAnn says:

      We do arrests all type of ways! If there is something specific you wanted to see you could always order a custom shoot at Thank you for your support!

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