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LLUVI Escaped Fugitive Part 3


  • ronald.anders_2b76b says:

    I must be blunt. A lot of potential was wasted in this letdown. Why and how did he wait until this point to do the fingerprints? IMHO it’s going too far to think that LLUVI would come back to this “one horse” jail after her hearing when she is facing a possible death sentence. I really thought that with this case we would see her in court. If she pleaded guilty she could probably get off with life and Christian would do all he could to help. If Arizona did not give the death penalty to Jodi Arias, then no way LLUVI would get it.

  • raven12 says:

    I like the plot lines where the model escapes and gets recaptured. It is also fun to tell the model she will be wearing a lot of chains in the future. LOL

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