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Loud Prisoner Part 2


  • Arccert1 says:

    Total disappointment no mug shots shoes stayed no additional searching the ball gag seriously nothing like real jail the restraints yes good but no strip search and a blind fold don’t get this like the model but please do better

  • Arccert1 says:

    Like the model but seriously need to do better with arresting. Need more thorough pat downs shoes should be removed during pat downs and mug shots remove any jewelry they might have make them take their hair down during mug shots if they have a belt on that should be removed before putting inmates in a cell ball gag not realistic in jail. Now a spit mask yes that is good but learn to do better on pat downs watch YouTube and basic detention skills

  • shupe1da_e1883 says:

    One must remember that this is a fantasy site. I personally enjoyed this clip. Our actress did a great job in her role. I’ll bet that her wrists were quite sore afterwards from all of her struggling. Good job, all.

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