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Luna Lux Self Surrender Part 5

Luna Lux is trying to pass the time while she serves her sentence by coloring and reading before it’s lights out. She spends some time with her handcuffs behind the back and she gets a bathroom break before bed. When she is brought back to her cell to sleep her handcuffs are moved to the front. Come see everything that happens in part 5 of 6!


  • cardsfan789745_a0d41 says:

    These last few weeks the updates have been lackluster at best. The handcuffs need to be applied tighter.

  • palmsout says:

    Agreed w cardsfan… not much going on but same things over and over but cuffs should

  • palmsout says:

    be tighter… I like officer Jackie but she should work on her cuffing a bit. Maybe do a video where she practices on a group of girls w many different cuffs

  • KiraAnn says:

    Thank you for your input. I do read all of your comments and we take them into consideration. I hear you on the action in the updates, tighter cuffs and less black handcuffs. We try to keep a good balance and appease everyone. You will find your requests incorporated into future videos. Truly, Thank you all for your support.

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