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Mackenzi and Lauren Sentenced Part 2


  • ronaldb8179_68b61 says:

    Wow, what a shower scene by Mackenzi! Good pairing of repeat offender Mackenzi and fresh meat Lauren. Looking forward to Friday to see Lauren stripped down, suited up, and locked up for the first time.

  • smilzo83_240cf says:

    i totally agree ronaldb8179_68b61

  • smilzo83_240cf says:

    I can’t wait to see this beautiful girl in a prison suit

  • ronaldb8179_68b61 says:

    @smilzo83_240cf I hope she does a totally nude strip search in transition from that black dress to black and white stripes. When those shoes come off, she should have some dark toenail paint to match the black. When that cell door slams shut in her face for the first time, she will realize that even if she is only doing a couple of nights, this first time is going to seem like eternity.

  • admin says:

    @Ronald I agree that was a great shower scene 🙂

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