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Mackenzi and Persephone Gaming Arrest Part 3


  • magalardo_50c65 says:

    Their reactions when they out they were recorded are great. The reaction when Officer Lo tells about the hidden key is amazing. Loved this series!

  • RonaldB says:

    Excellent conclusion. This and the recent one about the new girl getting the DUI are the best in the last couple or so months. Both inmates own the black and white striped jumpsuits. I agree about the excellent reactions, including as I predicted Mackenzi’s almost copyrighted jaw drop when she gets hit with her sentence, or in this case sentences. Finally, there are very good flaunts of both girls’ sexy bare feet after they are locked up again to start their sentences. These two make for hot partners in crime. Let’s see them paired again, maybe next time showered and strip searched.

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