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Mackenzi Disturbing the Peace Part 1

Officer Lisa goes to check out a situation in which she finds Mackenzi very upset and being a nuisance late at night. She wants to help her calm down but takes a phone call from her superior. Come see what happens in this exciting part 1 now!


  • RonaldB says:

    At first I thought this might be like the one about a year ago when Mackenzi ended up with a ball bag but this one is different. It could go several ways from here. I like her tight fitting jeans and her top and her heels. I’ll also like it when she takes them off in part 2! 😀

  • magalardo_c3a52 says:

    I always love seeing Mackenzi and Officer Lisa. Such a great pairing.

  • RonaldB says:

    @magalardo_c3a52 Yes, they are a great pairing. My all time favorite criminal-cop pairing will always be Summer and Luna Lux. Close behind are Stevie Mae and Persephone. There’s a pic of them arm in arm on Stevie’s Instagram page. I commented there that it was amusing to see them so friendly with each other after they had been such adversaries here.

  • Mikepav7 says:

    Love these new videos. Since it’s winter would love a girl to get pulled over for dui or something, her in jeans and Uggs or sandals. With a nice pedi. Pink hinged cuffs and shackles

  • magalardo_c3a52 says:

    @RonaldB my #1 favorite model here is Lo. She plays cop and criminal equally well and is very versatile in attitude and range (and of course, incredibly sexy)

  • Jesper280800_0ebce says:

    Well done????????????

  • kevsmart1981_a1baf says:

    Just have to love Lisa arresting McKenzi again, my number 1 combination

  • Arccert1 says:

    With it being winter the cold weather Scene would be nice yall been doing Great lately except when mugshots come shoes should be off and still need better frisking when getting inmates back to the jail

  • RonaldB says:

    @magalardo_c3a52 I agree that Lo plays both ways equally well. IMHO she is the only model who is equal both ways. The rest have an edge one way or the other. She also plays a judge very well. There are several episodes of her playing the role in person and I’m almost certain she does the voice in several others where the judge is only heard but not seen.

  • Hondo76 says:

    @Mikepav7. That DUI scene would be hot! But yeah what an amazing upload prisonteens! Mackenzie and Lisa always put up a great show. Great Job ????????

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