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McKenzie Arrested Part 1


  • NEP2011 says:

    Was really liking the innocent/scared vibe that she was giving off, and playing well, but the cop completely killed that vibe. Kind of a shame, but still a good video.

  • timjohn says:

    Yeah I definitely much prefer the female cops in front of the camera.

  • remwel says:

    The prisoners are usually great on this site, but few of the cops are very good. Would be nice to see an intimidating, unsympathetic, male actor be the officer. Telling the prisoner what kind of trouble they’re in, how long they could go to jail etc. I’d like them to take the processing of the prisoner very seriously, more acting as a cop than directing the prisoner for the video. Really like the shackling on the bare ankles and not over the pant leg. Prisoners who act lightheartedly, or act bratty during intake need to receive harsher treatment to get them to be quiet and submissive ie tighter cuffs, stress positions, hog-cuffing, loss of uniform, corporal punishment (if model is interested)

  • NEP2011 says:

    I personally actually prefer video’s like this where you cannot see the cop so I hope you continue to make these videos, I just didn’t like the dialogue from the cop in this particular one is what I was getting at.

  • seanalexpollock_b2ab7 says:

    Struggling to download video, can you make smaller size?

  • jjonsie6 says:

    Again, what is your rush to get through the strip search? I understand that we

  • jjonsie6 says:

    Again, what is your rush to get through the strip search? Do a proper, thorough strip, please. Have McKenzie unbraid her hair, take out her piercings, you know, the whole nine yards. It’s comical when she shakes out her braids, like there’s a jail or prison guard who would be satisfied with that. And please don’t allow the actor to turn away from the camera when she’s putting on or taking off clothes or jumpsuits.

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