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Mckenzie is searched, put in a jumpsuit and thrown in a cell


  • palmsout says:

    clips seem to be following same pattern over and over again. maybe try to mix in some different scenes like multiple arrests, training videos, interviews, or crooked cops.. just a thought

  • Jailboy says:

    It is great when the prisoners have to go in their bare feet. If would be fantastic if the officer could make a point of telling them that they have to go in bare feet.

  • jjonsie6 says:

    A strip search means strip naked. I understand that your models are not always willing to go full frontal, and fair enough, but McKenzie doesn’t seem to mind, so why is she allowed to keep her panties on? Lisa’s “pat down” searches are ludicrous. Firs off, if she’s doing a strip search, why a pat down, and second, why pat down over bare skin? Where does she think contraband is going to be hidden?

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