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McKenzie Self Surrenders Pt. 1

McKenzie LOVES the idea of being arrested and handcuffed. She also has a warrant out for her arrest; so she had the brilliant idea of turning herself in for the thrill of it. Officer Mia shows up to arrest her and quickly handcuffs and shackles McKenzie, as well as putting duct tape over her mouth. McKenzie sure wasn’t expecting this.


  • Joffre says:

    Jesus Christ this was hot. I love the escorting by the arms. You all have really improved this site. I even may subscribe again

  • peheh33 says:

    good update, i really like mckenzie and mia (both as officers or prisoners) ! one little thing, it might be a personal opinion but i prefer the real uniform ! keep up the good work

  • relisys8 says:

    Well, you finally had the balls to gag a prisoner

  • relisys8 says:

    Well, you finally had the balls to tape gag a prisoner. Should have happened a longtime ago. Now we’ll see it there are others in the near future.

  • relisys8 says:

    Since you made the laws, make one that every girl that is arrested is cuffed behind & gagged with either a leather gag or tape. That would improve a rather dull website. Also if nothing else have the girl prisoners stand before a judge that orders them gagged & cuffed.

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