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Natalie and Lisa Arrested Part 1

Officer Mackenzi makes an interesting discovery when she pulls over a car for speeding… It just so happens to be Officer Lisa in the passenger seat. These rivals meet again and this time Officer Mackenzi has the upper hand. Come see what happens in this exciting part 1!


  • Advocate says:

    Great seeing Mackenzi back as a cop and in a real uniform! However, the kneeling while being handcuffed under normal circumstances is dumb and not realistic. Would also like to see the officers having guns on their belts return. Other than these things though, a great update.

  • magalardo_ce6ad says:

    I love the “rivalry” between Mackenzi and Lisa.

  • raven12 says:

    Normally Lisa would have been more belligerent, but she wanted to get out of the hot sun. LOL

  • RonaldB says:

    This must have been one of those days when it was 105 or so in AZ. At least your heat is dry. If that had been in the South with the humidity, sweat would have dripping off their noses by the end. That aside, this is looking to be one of the best videos in months.

  • kevsmart1981_c7590 says:

    Love seeing Mckenzi arresting Lisa again. Lisa doesn’t like being arrested by her

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