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Officer Daisy Arrests Charlotte Part 2


  • ronaldb8179 says:

    Take it off, Charlotte. Take it all off! Best stripper since Renee. This shower scene is the best ever.

    • admin says:

      such a great scene for sure, I also have been thinking about maybe installing a grab bar in the shower. Then we can attach a long chain handcuff to it to cuff our prisoners to the wall in the shower. possible idea.

  • NotAnotherDime says:

    Hello, Mr. Pink Cuffs. I joined Prison Teens the week you opened the site and have been a member continuously. Today CC Bill informed me that my membership was cancelled because it failed to rebill. Neither my credit card or e-mail changed for whatever that is worth. Just to let you know about this issue. I have renewed under this user name. Formerly raven12.

    • admin says:

      Some of the oldest accounts failed to renew after the transfer from to I contacted ccbill regarding this issue but was nothing they could do. 🙁

  • pt0101 says:

    Always fantastic to see Charlotte naked and handcuffed behind the back. Only way it could be better is if she had a waist chain making sure she couldn’t slide them under her butt. Just make sure those cuffs are snug, Charlotte has a history of slipping out!

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