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Officer Lisa and Officer Ava Slick Arrest Kelsie Attempted Murder

Continuation from Lisa being arrested for Searching without a warrant, and a continuation of Kelsie’s arrest for hiring a hit man.

Kelsie’s Case was dropped for insufficient evidence. Never an exchange of money, and with Officer Lisa’s most recent accusations on her integrity the judge decided to let Kelsie go.

Officer Lisa read the court case documents on Kelsie’s case and she was very frustrated by the news. Officer Lisa calls Rookie officer Ava and asks her to hide out at Kelsie’s Boyfriends house. Lisa is convinced Kelsie was going to try to kill her boyfriend today and wanted to stop Kelsie before it happened


  • Joffre says:


  • peter712 says:

    Hey, just wondering, where are the previous updates? Like from startup of site? Are they removed or is browser just getting stuck loading them?

  • palmsout says:

    very nice clip.. love to see Kelsie back she seems to like being tightly cuffed with hinged cuffs. and ava is a great officer. would like to see lisa tightly cuffing them both in future clips

  • peheh33 says:

    wow great clips lately, ava is really good as officer ! and lisa is awesome as always ! good job

  • cardsfan789745_f4d32 says:

    love watching Kelsie get cuffed. Ava and Lisa make amazing officers. would love to see more of lisa and Kelsie and Ava in future clips

  • bantorr says:

    Love using 2 cops, please make your next videos like this too

  • Joffre says:

    I wish I could be a beautiful women in handcuffs and shackles. I’d want to be escorted with guards holding me by the arms.

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