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Officer Lo Break In Part 1


  • brockobama999_265bd says:

    Very promising part 1! Hoping to see Lauren in a jumpsuit and chains this time. Also, is it possible that she’ll be available for customs in the future?

  • ronaldb8179_68b61 says:

    @brockobama999_265bd I think you and I both complained about her not getting the full treatment in the last video. No reason she should not get it here, caught for breaking and entering.

  • Arccert1 says:

    I say do mugshots before interviewing and finger printing also if when doing a mug shot shoes need to be off

  • admin says:

    @brock yes Lauren is available for customs I just have not had the chance to add her yet to the custom site, I will soon. and @Arccert1 yes shoes should be off for Mugshot sorry about that

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