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Officer Violet Arrests Luna Lux pt3

Officer Violet and Officer Kaitlynn pull Officer Luna out of the cell and remove the cuffs and shackles that had been placed on her for transport. They explained to her that she needed to strip down so they could do a search and then led her away to the showers. They gave her 5 minutes to quickly shower the dirt off of her from when she fell. Once she was done they handed her a towel and jumpsuit, telling her to dry off and get dressed quickly. They cuffed her in a pair of pink cuffs behind her back before taking her to an area to re-cuff her with a waist chain behind the back and a pair of shackles. Officer Luna was then taken to see the judge, where she was told what she was being charged with and she was sentenced.

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  • TheFelon says:

    Big fan of Violet in uniform…

  • cordovaadrian744 says:

    This series is good but without wanting to be too critical, I remember that in previous series when a criminal escaped due to a mistake made by an officer at the end of the series when the criminal was captured again and sentenced, the officer who made said mistake also ended up being punished and locked up with the criminal, so following the logic of previous series, this series should have ended with officer Kaitlynn also locked up with officer Luna for said mistake.

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