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Olivia Arrested Part 2


  • Brandon2 says:

    I really like Olivia hope to see her in cuffs again soon

  • ronaldb8179 says:

    Yes, I like Olivia also. I’m not a fan of tattoos but everything else is very good. Good pairing of a seasoned veteran like Luna and newcomer Olivia. She certainly has no inhibitions about doing strip search. Hopefully she will be back soon. She would be good in a duo or trio of bad girls.

  • pt0101 says:

    I’m also not a fan of tattoos but Olivia really seems to enjoy being cuffed (see her first Pink Cuffs video) and that makes the difference for me. Always fun to see an “arrestee” naked and hinge cuffed behind the back, especially so they can’t run away or cover themselves. (Some pretend modesty can make it even more fun.). Never rush to give them their jumpsuits…

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