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Reporter in Jail Part 1


  • Rickyj says:

    Cool another rope video that no one asked for or wanted????

  • RonaldB says:

    @Rickyj The only person/people who want these rope videos are the ones who custom order them. At least Charlotte will get a much needed paycheck from this to go toward all her expenses for her real life court case on DUI coming up this month. Charlotte, if you are reading this, my thoughts and prayers are constantly with and for you.

  • Kimskowe says:

    So you show the reporter that they get strip searched by removing half of their clothes and the normal intake procedure is to tie them in rope that does not restrain them? This video sucks!

  • Kimskowe says:

    It’s also quite odd that the prisoner puts back on her own socks and shoes. She should be wearing jail sandals or preferably just go in her bare feet.

  • Jtjones says:

    RonaldB I think in her interview she said her case was last month was hoping for a follow up interview if she got time.

  • Arccert1 says:

    I think the reporter should have been arrested searched and strip searchd for the experience

  • RonaldB says:

    @Arccert1 Maybe she will in Part 2 which is due out some time today.

  • Chr9981 says:

    I hope that an update is coming soon.

  • Mikepav7 says:

    I agree. We aren’t fans of rope. Do you guys agree with me tho, it’s getting cold now. Would love to see maybe Lisa get pulled over and she is wearing jeans with flip flops or Uggs and get cuffed in pink hinged. (We haven’t seen pink hinged in a while) Cuff her in those regular of stacked lol then get shackled on scene, if the don’t fit the Uggs off and into cop car. And then second scene in jail get processed and jumpsuit and back into pink hinged and shackled barefoot

  • Mikepav7 says:

    I also think if you want to rope with girls it should be somewhere else. We just want to see cuffs on here and shackles. No rope!!

  • RonaldB says:

    Well, at least she got her turn at it. What a farce that she kept her jeans on and it was called a strip search. On top of that she got to put her on shoes and socks back on. Most of us want to see bare feet or at least see the girl given prison issue slippers. I fast forwarded through the roping. I agree with Mikepav7 that there are other places where rope should be done. Rope restraints are not used in any US jail or prison. Why should they be featured here?

  • RonaldB says:

    Oops! I commented on the wrong page. The last one was meant for part 2. Moderator, please edit. I will copy and paste my last comment to part 2.

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