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Reporter in Jail Part 2


  • Kimskowe says:

    This is another stupid video. The reporter takes hers shoes and socks off, then puts a jumpsuit on over her clothes. How is this jail processing? And again, more pointless stupid rope. These updates are simply not good enough for the price we pay. I will not be renewing my subscription unless we get better content than this.

  • RonaldB says:

    Well, at least she got her turn at it. What a farce that she kept her jeans on and it was called a strip search. On top of that she got to put her on shoes and socks back on. Most of us want to see bare feet or at least see the girl given prison issue slippers. I fast forwarded through the roping. I agree with Mikepav7 that there are other places where rope should be done. Rope restraints are not used in any US jail or prison. Why should they be featured here?

  • Arccert1 says:

    This video sucked

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