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Serendipity for Murder Part 3


  • raven12 says:

    This is a great series. I laughed when Serendipity said she wasn’t good at buttons. I prefer to see the prisoners cuffs moved in front once they are in the cell.

  • marcogg says:

    large production the latter part !! the use of malice by the agent was very good, because the girl committed a bad crime. It would also be good if an appropriate suit and chains were used for the crime.

  • jonp78 says:

    need to bring back the orange shoes

  • davidw87890 says:

    Agree with the prior comments. I really loved how Persephone handled the actual strip search. She patted her down once Serendipity was totally stripped, arms out ot the side and then arms straight up when she patted down her front. HOt seeing a girl have to be totally exposed and vulnerable in front of another clothed lady in charge. Wonderful job by both.

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