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Sophia and Summer Ring Part 1

Sophia is interviewing Summer to come work for her business. They are having a great discussion when all of a sudden Summer pulls out a pair of handcuffs and slaps them on Sophia! She is getting arrested for running a prostitution ring! Come see what happens in this wild part 1!


  • corpsman says:

    you should do a lot more with prostitution. with something like this its super hot. whenever this covid 19 stuff clears up i would like to see a couple videos with sophia street walking.

  • raven12 says:

    I liked the models’ acting, but not the Irish 8s.

  • DWe2710829_39377 says:

    I like the irish eight. They are more restriktiv than the other cuffs. The girls can not bring their hands in front and they can not turn the wrists in the cuffs. I like it when the hands are outwards. The girl can not do many things in this position. I would like irish eight behind with hands outwards and then thumbcuffs or hands stacked behind with irish eight.

  • cardsfan789745_51603 says:

    Just gonna say it i like the idea of summer being a dominatrix and i think Sophia needs to be used alot more

  • KiraAnn says:

    I agree! The irish eights are new so we’ve been testing them out. We always try to have a nice variety. We also really enjoy working with Sophia and will be trying to work with her a lot more. She is also currently available for customs if you would like to create your own video with her.
    Thank you all for your input. I love reading all the comments even if we can’t reply to everyone right away. Thank you all for your support. 🙂

  • jimtimmikejake_cc996 says:

    Great arrest. Loved summer being angry at her also would love to see more undercover arrests regardless of scenario

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