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Stealing Evidence Part 2


  • Brandon2 says:

    Worst update in some time no finger prints no strip search no jump suit

  • ronaldb8179_edcbc says:

    @Brandon2 I was afraid from the preview vidcaps that such was as you said. Thanks for the warning. I won’t take time to watch this one. I know it’s just that the user didn’t pay for the extra features, but if it was me I would save up or ask someone to go in with me to get the most out of these models, two of the best who have ever been here.

  • Brandon2 says:

    I agree I want the most out of these too two of the best on the site

  • Brandon2 says:

    @Ronaldb8179edcbc if you would like to go in on a shoot together we could

  • ronaldb8179_edcbc says:

    @Brandon2 Going on what prices were a year or more ago, and they are certainly higher now, I don’t think I can even split a show two ways now. If there’s a third person out there willing to go in with us, please respond.

  • KiraAnn says:

    Check out for current pricing or to submit a quote for a custom video! We added a pricing tab and updated pricing recently. Thank you for your support!

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