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Summer Interview


  • RonaldB says:

    Hey, I got the first like! What a holiday weekend treat! Summer at her best, in jumpsuit, barefoot, cuffed, and in jail! Nice stories I hadn’t heard before. BTW, what is that video with her and Lisa? Is it still here on Prisonteens? If not, please repost it on Boundlive so that it can been seen again.

  • magalardo_95685 says:

    Yep, this is a great one! Summer is amazing!

  • 1976roel_82d4e says:

    Hi, excellent interview video. @RonaldB: The mentioned video was on the old platform at It still needs to be re-uploaded to the new platform

  • shupe1da_e1883 says:

    Summer is amazing as usual. A real bondage veteran.

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