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Tied Prisoners Part 1


  • RonaldB says:

    Yuck! Another “Sweaty Prisoners” story with rope restraints. I don’t think anybody likes these except the one who ordered the shoot. I turned this one off with at least 5 minutes left and I will be passing on the next parts.

  • raven12 says:

    @RonaldB – I hear you brother, I have similar sentiments. The sweaty situation actually makes for some funny dialog. But the rope does not go with a handcuff site.

  • magalardo_95685 says:

    I tend to agree, Ronald. I come here for the handcuff fetish, not ropes.

  • hberas6040_6b91d says:

    Indica is so cute in this one, especially the short sleeve jumpsuit and mask.

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