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Vika Gets Arrested pt2

Officer Lisa takes russian spy, Vika, in for booking. She transports her from the car to her doom. The officer questions her before taking her in for a strip-search and to take her mugshot photos. Vika is handcuffed the whole way until she is forced to strip completely down. She keeps her wits and sass about her throughout the process. Do you think this professional spy will be able to rattle Officer Lisa? Make sure you watch Part one: Vika Arrested


  • paul1261 says:

    The car ride was much, much too long. As Vika herself put it, “I am getting a leetle bored.”

  • jjonsie6 says:

    Agree with the above comment. As a general rule, you guys spend waaay too much time on filler. That’s particularly disappointing in this series, since Vika is an attractive prisoner and without tattoos or piercings. But her talents are wasted here. There’s about ten minutes of car ride and maybe a minute of strip search, which is not even complete, but split to the next scene. Vika isn’t naked for more than ten or fifteen seconds. C’mon guys! Give us a break! What’s the rush to get the prisoner into the cell? So we can watch her sit and stand around for another ten minutes or so?
    Also, how about learning to do proper, thorough pat downs and strip searches

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