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Wet with Sweat Part 3

The prisoners are transported to get their sentencing before being taken to the jail. Back at the jail they have to clean and exercise before getting to make video calls home. They are then handcuffed together and forced into the cell.  Come see the final part in this series!


  • cardsfan789745_735be says:

    These sweat videos are not really that great. Need more arrest videos and less of these.

  • ronald.anders_2b76b says:

    cardsfan, I agree but this was probably like the first sweat video a custom shoot, ordered by a fan. I hope he liked it. I’m sure the models got their pay for it, but from the low numbers of likes and comments there doesn’t appear to be many others who like these.

  • cardsfan789745_735be says:

    Don’t get me wrong all the models in the video are great. Lo is probably one of my favorite. Nikki and Jackie are also great. But this is the 2nd set of these type of videos and i don’t care for them at all

  • admin says:

    We have alot of members that requested these videos wasnt just one person. actually was different people that ordered them. Not every video will be your thing but we try to mix it up a bit

  • Arccert1 says:

    The strip search was good to bad the officer didn’t have gloves on. Still need to work on pat downs also shoes shouldn’t be on in the holding cell. Need a strip search in like a shower area

  • marcogg says:

    Thanks, very nice to see the girls serving their sentences with jobs.

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