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Bait Car Part 3

Officer Skye finishes out the processing and gets these inmates stripped down and in their uniforms. They get handcuffed with transport chains so they can go before a judge. You don’t want to miss the final part of this series!


  • karn_c35ab says:

    Always love seeing waist chains added to behind-the-back handcuffs, just to make sure she can’t slide her hands under her butt. But naked or just topless would be even better, if the models are OK with it. Far, far sexier than loose orange jumpsuits. I’m sure you can find good excuses, like the prison laundry being out of jumpsuits…

  • smilzo83_240cf says:

    karn_c35ab, i agree with the first part of the chains in life, it would be better that the prisoners were treated equally with both chains. In this video the girls have overalls that fit really well for me

  • admin says:

    @Karn_c35ab I ended up using your idea on a shoot I did yesterday

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