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Luna Ray Interview Part 1


  • pt0101 says:

    Been meaning to say I have mixed feelings about these real jail experience interviews. I’m astonished when a girl says she didn’t really mind being handcuffed even for real. But while I love handcuff roleplay (both roles), the notion of actually getting arrested or seeing someone I know get arrested is not appealing AT ALL, nor would I want to talk about it even with people who know I’m kinky. Also, your models are usually arrested for DUIs, which makes them look pretty irresponsible. i don’t even particularly like arrest roleplay, but that’s a personal preference (I like pinkcuffs). But good naked behind-the-back handcuffings keep bringing me back to jailbirdz. Can you have your jumpsuit laundry room suffer even more breakdowns?

    • admin says:

      I personally like how getting arrested is basically non consensual bondage. however I personally never actually have been arrested

      • pt0101 says:

        I understand. i used to look for videos of girls getting arrested for real, but they always made me feel guilty, even a little dirty. Then I discovered bondage porn and everything changed. I like to see particularly heavy scenes followed by interviews. Seeing that the submissive actually enjoyed (most of) it lets me enjoy it more too.

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