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Officer Luna Lux arrested for DUI Pt 2

Officer Nikki Darling isnt messing around and didnt care that Luna was also a cop, she took Luna directly to jail. No special treatment for Officer Luna Lux, she now is a criminal about to serve time. Watched her get processed and put in jail


  • ronald.anders_2b76b says:

    Nice improvement over the last video, with the uniform coming back. Still, the mugshot need to happen without shoes. Luna makes one hot cop turned jailbird. Seriously, she looks much better in that jumpsuit and barefoot than in that tacky dress and clunker shoes. Nice shots of her feet in the last minute or so. Cop and prisoner prove that brunettes rock!

  • mikejimboy2572_9253e says:

    Love how naturally dominate nikki is but the videos are a little glitchy

  • davidw87890 says:

    WHy didn’t the matron do a pat down on the prisoner during the strip search? That would have added a lot to the video seeing her pat down the prisoner while she was naked.

  • batman.robin1963_f179c says:

    Bro Niki As A Cop! 100%

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