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Victim Arrested Part 4

Officer Liv takes Summer out of solitary and to the shower to make her strip down and put on a prison jumpsuit. She then brings her to a cell and repeats the process with Mia. With the girls changed, locked up and handcuffed they can’t do much. Come see what happens in the last part of this series!!

Do you want your very own video shot in this real prison?? Contact us at [email protected] now to book your own complete custom video for this prison!!! The models that will be joining us this time are Persephone, Stevie Mae, Renee Risque, and Lo Valentine! Send us your script or ideas with these models to shoot in this prison!

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  • ronald.anders_2b76b says:

    I was expecting a better resolution after four parts. Was this another custom shoot with no ending ordered? At least it was made at the real jail.

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